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100% UP TO €100 Read Review Claim Bonus!
200% UP TO £200 Read Review Claim Bonus!
100% UP TO €133.7 Read Review Claim Bonus!

Bonuses may be different depending on country.

eSport betting sites – Bonuses, reviews and facts

We at have tested and reviewed the sites listed above. You can read about the sites by pressing on read review button. What makes a site good? Our opinion on the matter is that a great site offers a good sign up bonus with low wagering requirements (Read more below on this matter). Fast payouts when you win money you want to withdraw, secure payments with well known methods. And the sites should offer betting on many different elements of the gameplay, not just who will win the match. The latter is something up and coming and more sites are starting to offer special odds like amount of kills of a certain player. Betspawn is the frontrunner on this, and offer tons of betting options which is a lot of fun.

What is Wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are on almost all bonuses you get when you deposit. The wagering requirement means that you need to turn over the money X amount of times. In other words, you need to wager the money you receive together with your deposit several amount of times before you can take out the money. This wagering requirement can differ a lot, so you should really read the terms and conditions when you claim a bonus on a betting site. Let’s give an example:

You deposit €10 on Bet365 and claim a 100% bonus. This means your account will now hold €20. But the money is now instead bonus money, which can not be withdrawn when you want. Instead, you need to wager this money for example, 5x, which means you need to bet a total of €100 to be able to make it real money again. Lets say you place a bet €20 on a LoL game with 5.0 odds. Your team win, and the money is now paid out. You will now have €100 on your account, but the wagering requirement is only done by 20% as you only wagered €20 of the €100 that you needed to. You place another bet for €80 that you lose, so you still have €20 on your account. This money is however now withdrawable, as the wagering requirement of €100 is done. Let’s say you win the former bet with 2.0 odds, you would now have €180 on your account, which is also all withdrawable.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of what wagering means in terms of bonuses on Betting and Casino sites.

What is a good eSport betting Bonus?

A good bonus is a bonus with low wagering requirements. Usually the wagering requirements can be between 3x-30x, with below 10x being a very good bonus when it comes to betting. Betspawn for example have a wagering requirement of 5x which is very good. It’s not unusual to see wagering requirements over 20x on casino sites for example.