DAC 2017 – Dota Asia Championship 2017 betting

Dota Asia Championship 2017

DAC 2017 is a global tournament with focus on Asian teams. The competition is making a comeback after the last tournament that was help back in 2015. 4 Teams are invited, 4 Asian teams will qualify and then there will be four different qualifiers with one team from each region making it to the LAN finals. There are 8 teams from each region fighting through the qualifiers to claim the one spot for each region. The regions are the following:

  • Europe
  • SEA
  • CIS
  • Americas

All of these regions only have one spot each, so the competition is stone tough. The qualifiers are being played during this month, February and the LAN finals will be played in April. Currently, the new NiP Dota 2 team that we discussed previously, have already lost the Europe qualifiers versus Liquid.

The teams that are playing in the American Qualifiers are the following:

  • DC
  • NP
  • coL
  • WanteD
  • OnyX
  • Team Freedom
  • Infamous
  • SG-eSports

The teams that are playing in the European Qualifiers are the following:

  • AD Finem
  • Liquid
  • Secret
  • Alliance
  • Na`Vi
  • Cloud9
  • NIP
  • B)ears

The teams that are playing the CIS Qualifiers are the following:

  • Vega
  • Spirit
  • Empire
  • Friends
  • Rebels
  • Comanche
  • LQ

The teams that are playing the SEA Qualifiers are the following:

  • WG.Unity
  • Faceless
  • Next Gen
  • TnC
  • Execration
  • SG.Trust
  • Mineski
  • RRQ

To check out the qualifying matches and to keep up with all of the competition you can check out the English version of the DAC Site: DAC 2017 analysis

We think that Liquid will perform well in the European Qualifiers, Digital Chaos (DC) in American Qualifiers, Virtus.Pro in the CIS Qualifers and Team Faceless in the SEA Qualifiers. It’s going to be a very interesting event to follow. Almost all of the best teams are going to participate. And the base prizepool is at $500.000, which likely will increase by a lot.

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