NiP return with a new Dota 2 team 2017

NiP (short for Ninjas in Pyjamas) starts this new year with a new Dota 2 team. The last Dota 2 team disbanded back in November 2015. We are really looking forward to watching what the new team can perform.
The new team consist of:

The previous NiP member Era, with many years in the scene.
qojqva that previously played two Internationals for Team Liquid and Mousesports.
Trixi former Fnatic player. 
H4nn1 former Fnatic player, played The International 2013.
syndereN taking on the role as team captain also played in The International.

All in all, a super impressive lineup for a new team. We sure hope that the this team can perform well enough to qualify for TI 2017. are really looking forward to be able to place some bets on this team as they have great potential.