Guide to CS:GO Betting with real money

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the greatest eSport FPS (First person shooter) game ever created. Its predecessor Counter-Strike 1.6 was probably the game that made eSports a viable thing, gathering bigger and bigger crowds to eSports. CS:GO is the game with the most tournaments, but not the biggest prize-pools. One of the greatest things about CS:GO is how easy it is to start watching. The game is very primitive in its objective and thus easy to understand. The game is played five vs five and the teams take turns playing the terrorists and the counter-terrorists.



Almost all betting sites offer CS:GO Betting. Our favorite sites are Bet365 and Betspawn when it comes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting though. They have pretty much all Counter-Strike tournaments and leagues available for bets. If you like to do some more interesting bets, like who will have the most amount of kills after the map we can recommend Betspawn.