Safe eSport

What do we mean with Safe eSport betting?

Gambling and betting real money on eSports comes with great risk. There is nothing called a guaranteed win when betting real money. Therefore it is crucial that you set limits and boundaries. Betting is fun until you lose money you can’t afford to lose, which in turn will put you in a very sticky situation.

The best tip for having a safe and fun time betting on eSports is setting up a limit for yourself. How much can you afford to lose without your economy taking a hit. It can be money you would otherwise spend on pleasure or enjoyment, but not money you need for food and rent.

If you ever feel like you have a problem with your betting, write to live support on the site you are playing and ask them to limit your account. Set up a weekly spending limit that you can afford to lose, or that you feel comfortable with. If you are feeling sick or not having fun at the site you are playing on, ask them to temporarily self-exclude your account from the site. It’s much easier to resist playing when you don’t have access.

There is also external help with gambling problems, go to which offer free help and support if you ever feel like gambling is becoming a problem in your life.